High School Wrestling

Get ahead of the COMPETITION without needing years of training!

High School Wrestling

What Equipment Does My Child Need For Wrestling?

Athletic clothes, for example Shorts and a T-shirt. Wrestling shoes are not required to try the class, but will be needed after the first month of wrestling classes. Headgear is needed for competition.

What Should I Expect At The First Wrestling Practice?

Every practice is run with the same routine, warm up, drills, technique than live wrestling. If it's your child's first time wrestling we tend to hold them off on live wrestling until they get some practices under their belt.

How Often Should My Child Practice?

Practices are 3 times a week. We recommend attending every practice to help your child progress as quickly as possible.

What Is My Role As A Wrestling Parent?

Be supportive, positive, and respectful. Encourage practice, healthy habits, and good sportsmanship. Help your child focus on improvement and effort instead of winning and losing.



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